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Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day weekend

This is the "official" end of summer and a three day weekend. It's been an interesting summer but not one that I will want to remember. I had my ups and downs to say the least. I had my good moments and my not so good moments. I guess you have to take the bad with the good. Either way, you can't change what has been done.
Soon the rain will start again and I am not looking forward to that. At least my allergies won't be so bad. I guess that's a good thing. It just makes it hard to drive at night when it seems that your headlights aren't working. I don't go out at night very often anyway. Let's hope there are no emergency runs for something I just ran out of or forgot to get during the day.
I want to move the furniture around again so the couch isn't in front of the heater. That means moving my computer desk and I don't know if it's going to survive another move. The poor thing is on it's last leg. I have had it a long time and it's been well used and abused. That is going to have to be a task for another day. Just not up to it right now.
In the middle of a fibro crash. I think I can do anything until I get up and try to get going. Then I realize that my get up and go got up and went. I quietly sit back down and try to keep my mind occupied doing things that don't take any energy to do. I have been able to keep up with taking care of the cats, cooking my meals and most of the housework but that's about it for me.
Lately I have been playing games on Facebook. Even that gets old after a while. I chat on message boards but with all the trolls there it's hard to have a conversation with anyone. We talk about religion and that can prove to be very interesting to me. You get to chat with people from different parts of the country that you would never get to talk to in real life. It's nice to get to read about other people's thoughts and beliefs. I share what I believe and why I believe it without trying to convert anyone to my way of thinking. I just want to do away with mistaken stereotypes.
Just a blah type of day. Maybe I will take a nap.

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